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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
8:32 pm
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
8:07 pm
I'm in so much trouble. XD
Been adding more stuff to a new shopping list on FireMountain Gems, and I'm up to over $500 worth of stuff. XD I think I'm going to have to buy it a little at a time, because it will take forever to save up that much to buy it all at once. :p

Current Mood: Holy crap!
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
12:32 pm
OMFG! *flail*
My stuff is here! All my jewelry stuff just got here! *runs around flailing* Now to start digging through it all and checking it all out. Hehe. *bouncebounce*

Current Mood: OMFGWHEEEE!!
Sunday, January 20th, 2008
7:37 pm
At the end of it all, I had just over 70 different items that I ordered from FMG, and a few of those I ordered two of it. I was just shy of 80 total items, and just shy of $250 total for my order, after hitting the pink level discount. But, it's ordered, so now I just gotta wait for it all to come in. ^_^ I can't wait! I have a few specific ideas, and then I'm going to see what else I can come up with from the extra stuff. ^_^ I'll have a LOT of extra stuff, because at least half of what I ordered is in no way already planned for use in any of my set ideas. I'm just gonna see what kind of stuff I can make, and maybe see if any of it sells on etsy if I don't keep it for myself.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
3:23 pm
Holy crap. X_X
I didn't realize I was getting such an impressive list of stuff going at FireMountain Gems. I just checked my shopping list because I want to update it and add a second pendant to my list, and I'm at almost 50 items now! That's the pink level discount! I almost should just add the last couple things i would need for it, though considering how I've been going I likely will anyway. I keep thinking of things I should get for stuff I thought of before, and I keep getting new ideas.

I intend to buy this all at once, but I think it's going to be awhile because at this point I'm likely at over $200 worth of stuff, even after the discounts. Now, I could probably cover all that at once, but I don't want to spend half a paycheck on the stuff. Gotta save up a little and then buy it all.

Current Mood: shocked
Thursday, December 27th, 2007
3:10 pm
Hmmmm. Haven't looked at this journal in ages. I really should do more here. At the very least, I should post links to the pics of my fursuit for now. ^_^ It's a crafty, made by me creation thingie by Mew Mew, so it fits! XD

Got the thought to come check out this journal again, as I'm currently at the Fire Mountain Gems website setting up a whole bunch of stuff I want to look into buying later. I don't have money to buy anything now, but I'm adding it all to my shopping cart to see how much I'll need to save up to buy it all, and how much I'll be saving by buying as much as I am planning to. They have an "all assortable" discount. Buy so many items and you get a discount on everything. It's pretty nifty, especially since there are probably a lot of beading stores that buy hundreds if not thousands of items at a time, this helps them save on their orders and make a bit more profit when they sell things back off to the people who shop in their stores. ^_^

I have all kinds of shit I'm throwing in there. Another Boss' Bead Bag that will have a bunch of random stuff, some Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, and lots of pretty things. I've just really been getting in the mood to make some jewelry again lately. I made one necklace awhile back, can't remember if I posted images here when I made it or not. I want to make more stuff for myself, maybe use extra beads to make stuff to try and sell for a little extra cash. ^_^ We'll see.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
3:19 pm
I made something, yay!
After how long now? Finally made something again. What is it? This!

Just like the others I've made, just orange this time. I have brown cheetah print, too, but I don't want to sew any more right now. I need to find electrical tape for my iron. I just noticed that part of the cord is damaged and has bare wires. I need to cover them before I use that iron any more.

I may try and make a cloak soon, but I really need to get my sewing machine looked at, to make sure it doesn't need oiled. It's old, and all metal, and will need oiled eventually. I need to find someone who can do it cheap, if not free, and who can show me how to do it myself in the future. Tell me how often it should be done, etc. I love my sewing machine and I don't want it to break. The newer machines suck. My old, heavy ass metal one is great. It's only downside is it can only do one basic straight stitch. I can't do zigzags or do the type of stitch people often do on hems and whatever. But, I don't need to do those for something to hold together properly.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
3:10 pm
Yay catalogue!
I got my Fire Mountain Gems catalogue in the mail yesterday. ^_^ I've been looking through it and I've seen several things I would like to use for a couple necklace ideas I have. And, the best part is that I get paid in two days! A lot of my money is oging to have to go to other, more important stuff, but I plan to save out enough stuff to buy some more beads. When I leave the library soon, I'm going to look for a bead store that's pretty close to here. Less than a mile away. I'll be going back after I get my money so I can buy some stuff.

I have ideas for two necklaces right now, one to go with a dress and one for a shirt. The one for the shirt will be gold, brown, and red. I want it to be a two stranded one. The top strand with be shorter, not quite choker short, but close. I'll have a red bead with gold bead caps on each end as the centerpoint of that strand, with various sizes and shapes of brown beads, and maybe some gold ones, making up the rest of it. The longer strand will have a pendant, though I can't decide if I want a brown or red one yet. The rest of the strand will be the same brown beads, with some red beads and gold beadcaps. I like beadcaps. ^_^ The one for the dress will be purple, blue, green, silver, and black, with a purple pendant. I haven't thought on a design quite as well as I have for the other one, though. But, when I eventually make them, I'll be sure to post up pictures. ^_^

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
11:23 am
I like Etsy. ^_^ Some people suggested the place to me when I posted a poll about if people would want to buy wrist cuffs I made, which ones, how much they would be willing to pay, etc. I just posted a few on Etsy, and before I even posted in LJ communities about my items for sale, I'd gotten 3 total views to my items. I don't know that I ever get views that quickly with eBay. I'll have to see if they sell, and if so I'll have to make sure I use Etsy for all my homemade stuff from now on, instead of trying to sell anything over eBay. I can't manage to sell store bought stuff on eBay, so I doubt I could manage to sell handmade stuff. Wouldn't be cheap enough for eBay users.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
1:21 am
Damn it. The Hancock Fabrics here in town is closing. A bunch of buildings are being torn down for God knows what reason, and businesses in those buildings are being forced to move out. Well, most places have found somewhere to move to, but the fabric store has not. So, I can no longer go there to buy what I need. Mom and I went yesterday to look around, and almost all of the notions and such I would need for my dress were already sold out. The various fabrics I would need to use were also gone. I looked around and we thought we found a few things, but there wasn't enough or the fabric was in peices. So, I'll probably have to order what I need off the website later. Bastards. Why are they making the fabric store close down? I need a place to buy patterns and stuff, damn it.

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, February 18th, 2006
1:37 pm
Done a little sewing recently. Nothing major, just a couple of leopard patterned wristbands and a tote bag, but I have at least sewn something. No luck yet on knitting. I bought a bunch of sewing patterns today, too. Hancock Fabrics is having a sale on Simplicity patterns. All in stock patterns only $.99. They're usually around $15 or more, so that's a really nice sale. I found a bunch of nice fantasy/medieval type dress patterns I eventually want to try and make, and a few cloak patterns, too. I think I have about 6 or 7 that I bought. I don't remember for sure how many I got. I just wish I could sew well enough to actually make some of the clothing. But, I don't have enough fabric, no money to buy fabric, and I just can't sew well enough yet to try making a dress or something like that. Maybe one of these days, though. Al and I have talked about how we want our house when we move in together. He wants a room to turn into a Chicago Bears shrine, and I want to be able to have a sewing room. So, maybe when he and I get a place together I'll have the space to try sewing bigger things. I will just need to have money then so that I can buy the material I need.
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
10:32 pm
Yay! *does a little dance*
Just ordered some completely free shipping supplies from USPS. In a week or two I'll be getting some of those plastic bags that clothes are often shipped in, since I'll be sending mostly clothes and other fabric items when I sell things. I'm only getting a set of 10 for now, since I don't have much to put up on eBay, but it didn't cost me a single penny, so I can order them any time I want without having to pay a cent. I can also order anything else I may need, if I ever send items too big for one of those bags. They have all sizes of boxes and stuff that can be gotten free, too. Now I just have to wait for the things to show up.

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
6:27 pm
Ooooooh, pretty. ^_^
Poking around Distinctive Fabric.com, and I looked up just blue stuff. They have a lot of pretty blue things. ^_^ I'll have to look up other colors. I love seeing everything all grouped together by color like that. I need to straighten up my room so I can set up a shelf for my fabrics. Then I can sort them all my color. XD I wish we still lived in the house. I could have the entire basement to use as a sewing room, and I would have plenty of room for at least one sewing machine, a dress form *which I hope to get one of these days* and all the fabric I could ever hope to get.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
10:09 pm
I love this sewing machine.
It can even sew through thick faux fur. I dug out my gray fur so I can make ears and a tail for MFF this year, and possibly for Maquis Gras as well, and it's sewing through this stuff no problem. ^_^ I really love this sewing machine. It cooperates with me better than our other one. The other one always would tangle and freeze up. This one doesn't do that now that I know how to thread it properly. *does a happy dance*
Monday, July 18th, 2005
9:18 pm
Do dee do dee do.
Sewing, wheeee! I'm working on making some hair scrunchies for now. Gotta get a few bucks out of the bank to get thread tomorrow, and maybe some more elastic, depending on how long the stuff I have lasts, and maybe some on sale cheap stuff. If I don't get all that, though, and just stick with the thread, then I'll probably stop at McDonalds and grab a Happy Meal so I can get a Neopets plushie before it's too late. ^_^
6:37 pm
I have give more bobbins for my sewing machine now. ^_^ Grandma picked them up for me, so now I can make some more stuff besides just whatever might take white thread. XD I didn't want to be making things for other people with white and random colors. I don't mind doing it for my own stuff, but I want it to look a tad more professional for people that might buy things from me. I do plan to do gold and blue together with one type of fabric I have, since it's blue with gold stars. Now I just need to find some patterns for basic stuff. I don't really know how to make a tote bag, I just know they seem to sell fairly well over Ebay, or they did when I looked up completed tote bag auctions.
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:01 pm
I gotta remember this!
I just looked up "Kenmore bobbins" and found a site that sells a pack of 10 for about $4, before S&H. If I can't find them anywhere else, I'll have to order a set or two when I get a few bucks off eBay. I don't want to beg for anymore cash from LJ friends. I got enough to list some stuff, that's all I need. But I need more bobbins, so I'll have to buy a few as soon as I can.
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
5:10 pm
I can't get a picture of it right now, but I just made a hair scrunchie. ^_^ I used some fabric I don't have a lot of, and it's going to be for myself, not for sale, but I made one. I used a little too much elastic. It's not quite as scrunched up as I had wanted, but it will do. I plan to make more with other fabrics I have. One, maybe two per fabric color/type so I can keep some and sell the rest in groups over eBay. But, I had to be greedy with this one fabric. I have very little of it, so I'm not using it for anything I'm selling. I made a small scrunchie, and the rest I'm going to use for a drawstring bag later. I want to wait until I can get some gold thread, though, and more metal bobbins.
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
9:47 pm
WOO HOO!!!!! *does a big old happy dance*
Got my sewing machine working! ^_^ I was threading the spool thread wrong. The last dial we hadn't figured out? It's the tension dial, and apparently really important. ^_^ It made great stitches, with no sliced up thread, no rats nests, and it doesn't seem to pull apart if I pull on one of the threads used, so I think I've finally got it! Tomorrow when she gets home, I'm going to see if mom has a few bucks I can use to go get thread. I got blue for something I want to make, but I didn't think to get yellow or gold, and I just got a what will hopefully be a cute idea. ^_^ I still need more metal bobbins, though. I'll have to try and find some later or something. I'm going to ask Grandma if she happens to have any she's not using.

Current Mood: pleased
2:12 pm
I can't figure out what's wrong with my sewing machine. My brother figured out how to wind a bobbin, and we figured out what some of the other levers and dials on the machine do. But, I can't sew with it right now. Either the thread from the spool will tangle around the bobbin case and holder, or the thread from the spool will be the only thread used as it tries to stitch, and it gets cut into peices. The top looks almost like it should, but the bottom is a giant nest of thread, and it's all in peices. I can pull large clumps of sliced thread off the fabric. None of the bobbin thread is used in these broken stitches, either. It's all the spool thread. I did what someone in a community suggested, and I had white thread in the bobbin and blue thread on the spool so I could see which thread was the problem. It's the spool thread that's the problem, but I don't know what is wrong that the spool thread is the only thread being used, or why it's being cut into peices. The machine without thread in it runs beautifully. It's not too loud and it doesn't lock up or anything, but there's something dented, nicked, broken, or whatever that's slicing the thread and not bringing the bobbin thread into it, and I don't know what.

Current Mood: frustrated
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